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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 5, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> four more years, forced johnson as mayor. -- london relaxed forced johnson as mayor. a balloon gas injures 150 people. welcome to bbc news on pbs in america and also around the world. coming up later, a big day for the british armed forces in their olympic preparation. ♪ you got to fight for your right and mca dies at the age of 47. it was a tightly fought the
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election in london. mr. johnson one on second preference after he failed to gain more than 50% in the first round. he beat livingston by 62,000 votes. there is a worldcom on the day -- it comes after the liberal democrats lose across the country. >> this was perhaps the biggest conservative victory of these elections. but it was a close to one man was expected. >> i would dedicate myself to making sure that londoners and, above all, young londoners are ready to take the jobs for this amazing city. >> he also paid tribute to can
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livingston who said kind words in a campaign that has seen very few of them. they fought bitterly. livingston accused boris of only representing the rich. but he did not recover from allegations of his own tax evasion. it was a bad day for the conservatives. >> david cameron is dragging down the party and the rest of britain. i suspect this is all to settle the question of the next tory leadership election. >> this election is about what forest johnson is doing right and how far he can go. >> and it has been -- >> because he is boris.
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like many may rallies across the world, it is a personality contest. it is not about the politics. he is not seen as a conservative by most people. he is seen as boris johnson. you either buy into that or you do not. that allowed him to buck the trend. for david cameron, the prime minister, there is a little bit of concern there because he is looking at the country as a whole. he sees huge losses over 400 council seats lost by the conservatives. 801 by the labor party for the main opposition party at the -- 800 won by the labor party for the main -- for the main opposition party at the moment. boris and johnson increasingly is seen as an heir apparent, somebody who might go after david cameron for the leader.
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it may be a scary thought for some, but one that does not seem that outrageous tonight. >> let's start with forced johnson's popularity and what that might mean for the conservative party for david cameron. how likely is it coming in the future, this man may one day lead the conservative party? or will even attempt to do that? >> it is a lot more likely now. at some point, david cameron, i now the prime minister and leader of the conservative party, somewhere down the line, he will no longer be the leader. he will longer be the prime minister. he will either be voted out of office or he will resign or he will be ousted. something will happen. all political careers end in failure. once -- then what does the conservative party decide to do? 1997, when tony blair came to power, those were dark years for the conservative party.
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force and johnson, you need -- forced johnson, -- boris johnson, he has shown that is somebody that can win in a big way and does not rely on the party brand. >> an overnight curfew has been enforced in cairo. the violence erupted after protests defied army warnings and started attacking the building. hundreds of people were injured and scores of arrests were made. johnson's this report. >> it all started as demonstrators moved into dangerous territory. launching an attack on the defense ministry. they must of known that they risked provoking fury from the military. as the protesters tried to break through a protective ring of barbed wire, soldiers responded with force. the army brought in water cannons and then tear gas. the clashes went on for several
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hours. at times, the response was brutal. the demonstrators had gathered to protest against the disqualification of the hard- line islamist candidate for president. united in their hatred of the military rulers. he eventually, the army brought in reinforcements, cleared the area, and deployed armored vehicles. a general appeared on television to announce a nighttime curfew in the area. >> we call on all citizens to fully adhere to this for the armed forces will confront with determination of those who tried to violate this. >> tonight, there is an uneasy calm. but no one expects things to remain quiet in the days leading up to the presidential election. there are regular demonstrations and increasing numbers of violent clashes in a
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country always in gridlock. it is not a great atmosphere as rate reached the presidential elections in three weeks. but what the egyptians want above all is a return to normality. >> more work than -- more than 150 people were injured in the armenian capital. it happened during an election rally by the republican party. more than 100 people were treated in hospital for burns. >> it was supposed to be a peaceful rally in support of the president's party, complete with its own balloon. decorated with the slogan "let's believe in change." supporters began to release balloons into the air. then there was a huge explosion. the crowd scattered. some people's clothing were on fire. men and women ran for their lives. the man in the center of the screen had his shirt ripped to
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shreds. he disappeared into the crowd. as help arrived, you could still hear the presidential rally continuing. the injured, dozens of them, got a visit and hospital from the man they turned out to sea. his party and his coalition partner are likely to keep the majority of seats in parliament in the vote on sunday. meaning no or little changed to the country's politics. armenia's economy is at a standstill. some areas have barely changed since the soviet time. the country's borders with azerbaijani and turkey are) and the infrastructure is in a bad state. the country is getting used to political turbulence. after provincial polls brought the current leader to power, they had clashes in the streets with demands for a recount.
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the authorities say that force was necessary to restore order appeared the opposition has always cried foul. now in the same central square pour the clashes took place, there are more questions to answer. how and why? how would ines and balloons can fire causing so much mayhem and some injuries? >> the man accused of planning the september 11 attacks is to be formally charge that guantanamo bay. he once boasted he planned the atrocity from a tizzy. -- from a to z. >> nine years have now passed since he was captured in pakistan and brought here to guantanamo bay three years later. this is the second attempt to try him before a military commission. the first time around, during the bush presidency, he
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indicated he wanted to plead guilty to become a martyr by being executed. he said he planned the 9/11 attacks from a to z. those proceedings were halted after barack obama was elected president. he tried and failed to close down guantanamo bay, to shift this prosecution into a civilian court in new york. so here we are with the whole process starting all over again under new rules, which the obama administration said guaranteed human-rights of the five defendants. kalik sheikh mohammed was waterboarded, remember. he wants to enter a plea. defense lawyers say they are not happy with the process. they don't think this is a fair process. they petitioned the judge to dismiss the case. >> police in mexico say they believe 23 people killed in gruesome circumstances in the north of the country were
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members of drug cartels. the bodies of nine people were found hanging from a bridge in the city of the novel rate of -- city of nuevo lareda. . james reed says that the escalating violence has prompted new questions about the present anti-drug strategy. >> the federal police have used a very aggressive campaign against the cartel. many top drug barons have been captured or killed. huge quantities of drugs and arms have been seized. but there is no sign that the level of violence is going down or that the slow traffic to the u.s. is diminishing. with an election coming up in
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july, it is a hot political issue. what is the alternative? the price in blood that mexico is paying for this fight against the cartels is too much. as long as the demand for drugs and united states and elsewhere, if the market is there, it is difficult to stop this through violence alone. but this is a long-term project. it is not just about fighting the cartels, but trying to build greater capacity in the justice in the -- in the justice system. >> still ahead, campaign comes to an end in france. orl it be sarkozy's again hollande. german doctors recalled to the ukraine to treat former leader.
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she was convicted last year of abuse of office and has been insisting on treatment. she says that she has been beaten in prison. the french court has sentenced a nigerian-born nuclear physicist for his part in planning terrorism with the north african wing of al qaeda. the corpses of 100 pelicans have been removed from the northern coast of perry appeared around 1200 pelicans and 900 dolphins among other animals have been reported to have done along the coastline curved the investigation will be carried out by peruvian officials. this is bbc news. these are the headlines.
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london has reelected forced johnson as its mayor for the next four years. and curfews and forced after a day in clashes in the egyptian capital cairo. china and the usa are getting close to resolving one of its most difficult diplomatic rows in years. mr. chun doo fled house arrest to the u.s. embassy is known hospital. >> this is the way that china deals with dissent. silencing. this is the hospital where mr. chun is being held. he was brought to the hospital by american diplomats. he had sought their help after
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escaping house arrest, creating a crisis between china and america. the blood lawyer is one of china's most famous activist detained for seven years, beaten savagely by communist party officials for exposing human rights abuses. >> in the hospital last night, mr. chun made a dramatic call to the u.s. congressman. afraid that his family -- china had promised to guarantee his safety and he wants to go to america. >> the u.s. deputy ambassador today had the humiliation of being prevented from seeing mr. chun. the way was barred by plain- closed men. they ordered everyone out. >> the american embassy doctor and translator were the only people allowed in.
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china announced that mr. chun could, like any citizen, applied to go abroad if you wanted to. across town, hillary clinton was meeting with china's leaders to find a way to work together. has offered university mr. chun if phyllis. >> over the course of the day, progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. we will be staying in touch with him. >> his only clinton had meetings with -- hillary clinton had meetings with china's leaders. there is no resolution of this crisis over mr. chun. there is an opportunity to end it. will china let him go? >> campaigning has come to an
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answer is to come to an end in france -- campaigning has come to an end in france. they're looking for their first presidential retreat in over a century. -- presidential victory in over a century. >> a focus group to build a manifest. he invited 500 people and only 300 turned up. he was never the fancy candidate. that was always dominique strauss-kahn. after his arrest in new york, hollande has been catapulted in the race. this is a chance for one of these two candidates to be the next president. it was a frantic day, both of them bouncing around to garner those precious few votes. it is up to the 40 million french voters to make the
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decision. turnout was very good, 80% turning out for the first-round compared to the 71% in the last german election, 66% in the u.k., and you can see the french felt very passionate about their politics. on saturday, there will be looking at what was said during the campaign. one of the key newspapers has its verdict. you can see the two men at the end of a burning encounter. both of them think they have won it. i want to draw your attention to this editorial. it says "the poisoned terms of nostalgia, the idea that throughout the campaign various candidates have been looking backwards, focusing on immigration, globalization, unemployment, the threat to the french way of life, but nothing of where france fits in the world and what its future might be part of it is one of these two candidates to decide what that will be, whoever is elected on sunday. >> in greece, the socialist
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party had a flamboyant rally. there will be replacing the caretaker government installed six months ago. >> the election campaign has come to an end in the center of athens. the socialist party had its final rally this evening. the leader tried to rally his troops, saying that greece should go forth to battle. he said to raise the greek flag high, raise the party flag high. the party has much fight in it left. it is because it has been in power during a time of punishing a study measures in this country and it looks like it will be punished itself by the voters here who see the party as tainted by corruption. this party and the other mainstream party, new democracy, the right conservative party, anti austerity riding on a wave
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of social discontent. what we're likely to see in sunday's election is a fragmentation of the vote, a proliferation of new parties in government. that could make it very hard for any party to form a strong, stable and effective government, especially one ready to take the difficult to deficit-reducing measures that this country needs in june when it needs to find 11 billion euros worth of cuts. up to 50,000 public service jobs have to be declined by 2014. some analysts say that the government may not see out the years and and they will have fresh elections. there is political instability here. the global financial crisis could mean more trouble for the eurozone as a whole. in truth, nobody knows how sunday's election will go. this is a country that paved the world of democracy and it is now facing the most unpredictable democratic test for many decades. >> japan is about to switch off a nuclear power for the first
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time in four decades. before last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami, while japan was trying a third of its electricity from nuclear plants, since then, as soon as the reactors shut for maidens, local authorities refused to let its restart. fossil fuels are increasing, with them the cost of energy. as lyndon prepares to host -- as london prepares to host the olympic games, and during the games, this will be part of the task force protecting the city for possible terrorist attacks. >> the navy's largest warship was never designed for this. only last year, it was launching attacks on libya. today, she is trying to navigate the narrow passages of the tens -- of the taser.
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just manager -- of the thames river. just managing to squeeze through. having to deal with any potential attack, it is the start of a major military exercise for the olympics. from overhead, helicopters will reveal any threats from the air. while police and marines in boats will scan the river. this is not just a reminder that the olympics is a major sporting event. it is also a massive security operation. and the military presence is not just confined to the thames river. up in the skies of london, there will be army and navy and helicopters and snipers and typhoon-fast jets. payrolls to deal with any potential threats. -- they are all to deal with any potential threats.
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prompting the question, is all this military hardware necessary? >> it is effective left, isn't it? security everywhere. >> as the game's fast approach, the security will only get tighter. today, the olympic stadium held his very first competition and a reminder of what it is supposed to be about. >> i don't think that anybody should be alarmed by military forces. they know that they are the men and equipment here ready to protect them should any threat arise. >> this summer, this warship will be familiar london site. is it a deterrent or an unwanted eyesore? >> adam yauch has died at the age of 47.
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he had died on friday morning in new york after nearly three years of battling with cancer. we look back at his career. ♪ you got to fight for your right ♪ to party! >> it was quite a debut -- 1986 and a whole new type of music introduced to the main street of america -- hip-hop as performed by three white jewish boys from new york. ♪ adam yauch, known as mca, was the original ec boy -- the original beastie boy. >> this group meant so much in so many ways across the space of 30 plus years.
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and they have changed the lives of listeners in several different generations. it meant a lot to hip-hop. it meant a lot to rock-and-roll. and i doubt they can go on without adam yauch. >> he did not confine himself to music. he produced films, became a buddhist, and campaigned against china's occupation of tibet. diagnosed with cancer in 2009, he said he was healthy, strong, and hopeful. but last month, he missed the band's induction into the rock- and-roll hall of fame. hope was running out. ♪ abracadabra he with his band mates revolutionized pop music in america and influenced generations of performers and fans alike. >> there's plenty more on the bbc news website. thank you very much.
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